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License Keys and Support Details


  • License Keys are based on your IP address.
  • A customized License Key is generated for you.
  • You will need to know your IP Address.
  • Once we send you a License Key, we offer no refund.



Please be sure you have downloaded and installed the CustomChat Server, and you are able to start the chat server before purchasing a License Key. Once we send you a License Key, we offer no refund.

If your IP address changes for any reason, the License Key will NOT function.
If you need a replacement key for a new IP address, these are the options:

If you purchased the support package, notify us by email or phone and we will send a replacement ASAP.

If you did not purchase the support package you have 2 choices if your IP address changes:
1. upgrade to the supported version of the CustomChat Server -
2. Send by postal mail notarized proof of cancellation with your previous ISP including the specific IP address that the License was originally generated for.
because our License Key is custom generated for your machine, it is non-refundable.
We only offer replacement of a License Key to clients that have purchased our software with the Support package.

All Support Packages Include:
  1. One on one help to take full advantage of the features
  2. Replacement of a License Key if your IP address changes
  3. Direct access phone number
  4. Basic HTML support to edit look of the Main Live list header and utility pages
  5. Help with Special configurations
    - choose paths to pre-existing directories to display your content
    • Your choice of default Real Time chat or Manual chat
    • Add your own images/sounds to room dropdown lists
    • Set a longer idle time for users
    • Remove the text room names from entry pages
    *Services Below Apply to Hosted Chat -
  1. *Monthly maintenance for consistent speed
  2. *Super Admin privileges - Admin multiple Live Lists
  3. *Upload media files to be used for your chat
  4. *CGI and Perl Script Hosting
  5. *NO bandwidth fees for sites with 500 users or less
  6. *10 mb space for media files, and 5 Web pages
  7. Choice of embedded games inside room

Please see the Room Hosting Terms

License Key and Hosted Chat Support Error Maintenance
Priority of Error Error Explanation Notification Response Time
1. Fatal Error No useful work can be done Phone/Email 8 hours
2. Severe Impact Functionality errors which result in a lack of functionality or cause intermittent system failure Phone/Email 8 hours
3. Degraded Operations Errors causing malfunction of non-critical functions Email 24 hours
4. Minimal Impact Attributes and/or options to utility programs do not operate as stated Email 48 hours


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